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Wie die Zeit rennt. Heute vor exakt 3 Jahren startete unser erstes Development-Team in Südafrika. How time flies. Exactly 3 years ago today, our first development team started in South Africa.

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Africa is a diverse continent offering human and natural resources that have the potential to yield inclusive growth and eradicate poverty in the region. With the world’s largest free trade area and a 1.3 billion-person market, the continent is creating an entirely new development path, harnessing the potential of its resources and people.

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The German start-up Zatec serves international clients on software development projects. They took a leap in 2021 and started their first training programme in Rwanda. Now, they established a new presence in the country to bridge the Rwandan and European markets. As a member company of the Digital Skills Accelerator Africa e. V. (DSAA), Zatec received support by Invest for Jobs.

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Moise, Zatec established a subsidiary in Rwanda last November. Since then, you have been the Managing Director and manage Zatec's activities in Rwanda. What exciting things have happened since then? 

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If you want to shape demographic change positively in #Europe, you should definitely take a look at #Africa. The potential is huge.

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Last week, our Managing Director Moise Ntwari had a prolific conversation over coffee with Advisors for Digital Services Annabell Marie Kreuzer & Ayaan Jama from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. They discussed key things about the Rwanda Accelerator Program led by Zatec , more particularly on finding employment opportunities for the youth in Africa, closing the digital gender gap, and other common challenges to finding creative solutions.

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