About us

Zatec establishes/offers/provides quality development resources for its customers. Complex webbased Software is our specialty.  We like to call it Development as a Service.

Our goal: your growth.

You do what you do best. Allow us to find the right developer talent, so that you can focus on your core work: advancing and growing your company.

To increase your competitive position in the market, we bundle all resources dedicated to your project in Pretoria. Our German-South African management team will navigate each step of the process.Together we develop custom solutions for your business needs.

From unexpected workload peaks, accelerating growth or driving development⁠—Zatec has you covered. Allowing Zatec to manage staffing, administrative and legal workloads will enable you to leverage your competitive edge.


Custom WEB Development

Mobile App Development

Development as a Service

Enterprise Software Development

UI/UX Design

Smart Team Building

Digital Content Creation

Digital Project Consulting


Tobias Lindner

Co-Founder and CEO

Paul Lindner

Co-Founder and CFO

Cindy Van Wyk

Co-founder and CEO of Zatec South Africa

Guideon Katumbi


Maximilian Klein